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Type: Full-Time

Company Overview:
Lazos is a leading provider of specialized concrete services, including cutting, coring, and laser screed applications. We are committed to delivering high-quality, efficient, and safe services to a diverse range of construction and renovation projects.

Job Description:
We are seeking a skilled and experienced Concrete Cutting and Coring Specialist with expertise in laser screed technology. The ideal candidate will be responsible for executing precise concrete cutting and coring tasks, as well as operating laser screed equipment to ensure optimal leveling and surface quality of concrete.

Willing to train the right candidates!

Key Responsibilities:
• Operate specialized equipment for concrete cutting, coring, and drilling.
• Handle and maintain laser screed machinery for concrete leveling and finishing.
• Read and interpret blueprints and project specifications.
• Ensure adherence to safety protocols and regulations.
• Collaborate with project managers and team members to meet project timelines and quality standards.
• Perform regular maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment.
• Provide exceptional customer service and maintain professional interactions with clients.

Preferred Qualifications and Skills:
• Proven experience in concrete cutting, coring, and laser screed operations.
• Knowledge of concrete properties and construction techniques.
• Ability to read and understand construction drawings and schematics.
• Strong attention to detail and precision.
• Excellent physical condition and ability to work in various weather conditions.
• High school diploma or equivalent; vocational or technical training is a plus.
• Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.
• Certification in concrete cutting and coring preferred.
• Strong mechanical aptitude.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Problem-solving and analytical abilities.
• Commitment to safety and quality standards.

• Competitive salary.
• Opportunities for professional development and training.

Application Process:
nterested candidates contact Tim at 602-558-7026 or Joe at 602-558-8858

Lazos is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. All employment is decided based on qualifications, merit, and business need.

Concrete Cutting in Arizona: An Overview


Concrete cutting is an essential service in the construction and renovation industries, enabling the precise removal and modification of concrete structures. Arizona, with its expansive urban developments and constant need for infrastructure maintenance, frequently employs concrete cutting techniques. This article delves into what concrete cutting entails and its significance in the state of Arizona.

What is Concrete Cutting?

Concrete cutting involves the removal of concrete using specialized equipment and techniques. Typically, diamond-infused blades or discs are employed to cut through this tough material, ensuring precision and minimizing the risk of cracks or damages.

There are various types of concrete cutting, including:

  1. Flat sawing: Used to cut horizontal surfaces like floors, bridges, and roads.
  2. Wall sawing: For vertical surfaces, especially useful for creating openings in walls or enlarging windows.
  3. Core drilling: Drills cylindrical holes in concrete, often for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installations.
  4. Wire sawing: Uses a diamond-infused cable for cutting complex or thick structures where traditional methods may not apply.

Why is Concrete Cutting Important in Arizona?

  1. Rapid Urban Development: Arizona’s cities, notably Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale, are expanding at an accelerated rate. This urbanization demands the construction of new buildings, roads, and other structures, often requiring modifications to existing concrete formations.
  2. Infrastructure Maintenance: Arizona’s desert climate, with its high temperatures, can exert stress on concrete structures, leading to wear and tear. Regular maintenance of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure often necessitates precise concrete cutting.
  3. Historical Renovations: Arizona boasts numerous historical buildings and structures. When renovating or repurposing these structures, care must be taken to preserve their integrity. Concrete cutting allows for precise modifications without causing extensive damages.
  4. Home Renovations: With the state’s booming real estate market, many homeowners are opting for renovations. Whether it’s expanding a doorway or adding new utility lines, concrete cutting plays a pivotal role.

Safety and Environmental Concerns

Given Arizona’s unique environment, concrete cutting operations must consider specific safety and ecological factors:

  • Dust Control: The process can generate substantial dust. Especially in Arizona, where dust storms are prevalent, it’s vital to employ methods that suppress dust to maintain air quality and visibility.
  • Heat Concerns: Workers must be protected from the extreme temperatures that Arizona can experience. Frequent breaks, hydration, and protective gear are essential.
  • Preservation of Native Land: When cutting occurs near natural habitats or parks, care must be taken to minimize disturbances to the local flora and fauna.


Concrete cutting is a pivotal service in Arizona, underpinning its fast-paced urban developments, infrastructure revamps, and renovation endeavors. With Arizona’s unique climatic and environmental challenges, it’s essential to employ specialized techniques and practices. It’s here that Lazos Early Entry Cutting shines, offering industry-leading solutions tailored for the region’s specific needs. Whether it’s paving a new roadway through Phoenix or rejuvenating a historical masterpiece in Tucson, Lazos Early Entry Cutting ensures that every cut is precise, efficient, and environmentally conscious, making them a top choice in Arizona’s construction landscape.